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Month: May 2020

Youth4Abolition “Flexes” to work for On-line Safety During COVID-19

We are all at home….and stay-at-home means more time online, giving time and space to the more than 75,000 predators online at any one time. Our Y4A clubs may not be meeting in school, but still have the Y4A mission in mind through efforts in our #DontGetPlayed social media campaign. The idea is to speak to the kids and teens online and tell them what they need to know to stay safe online.

Y4A has worked swiftly to build the social media campaign #DontGetPlayed that allows individuals or groups of friends to post messages that save lives. Focusing on topics ranging from “Sextortion” to “Know who your Followers Are,” students are building a Re-post Challenge on Instagram and TikTok that will build awareness and direct them to Y4A online safety tips. As part of a three-pronged approach, social media stars, or “Influencers” (some that have over 4 million followers), popular with 13-20-year-olds, will magnify the message. The final prong of the campaign will be Y4A originated Public Service videos that will be voiced over by parents and posted on Y4A social media and websites.

Way to go Y4A!

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