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Month: April 2020

Although physically we may be quarantined, COVID-19 has expanded the virtual predators' playground. Kids are home and online more now than every before. With over 750,000 predators online at any given time - they have more access to kids. 

"My nine-year-old daughter is in class online daily, does her dance and golf classes virtually and has play dates with her friends through video conferencing. Although I monitor all the channels, she is still susceptible. Below is a list of ways I keen my child safe.

Here are five things to be knowledgeable of during these uncertain times:

1. Just because it’s a screen from your school does not necessarily mean that it is secure. Students know about VPNs and proxy servers which bypass security measures that have been put in place by their school. Utilizing them allows the students access to anything and everything.

2. If your child is using a screen from your home, make sure security measures are in place that allow you to track what is happening on the device. At our home we have a multi-layer approach including utilizing a third-party monitoring device and we have also adjusted the Internet settings for the screens our children use. We recommend the use of the monitoring device Circle. Follow the link below to purchase the program at a discount and we will receive a portion of the proceeds. Protect your family while in turn supporting our organization and our girls.

3. Know who they’re talking to. If you have given them access to social media and gaming apps, check out who they are following, who their followers are, and monitor their messaging. 

4. Utilizing video conferencing is a great way to have virtual playdates and stay connected. Make sure you set it up so that they are private so that the conference is not hijacked and inappropriate material is not shared.

5. Talk about it all. As hard as these conversation can be you need to have discussions around any and all topics – COVID-19, feelings, the news, social media, school and so forth.

I hope my list helps you too."

- Genevieve Holmes, Mom, Volunteer and Y4A program manager, OEW 

For more information on protecting your screens and setting up security please check out Stay tuned for more guidance from Youth4Abolition that helps safeguard you and your family. 

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