A generation of young people committed to ending human trafficking.

Youth4Abolition℠ (Y4A) is a unique, award-winning human trafficking prevention and awareness program focusing on empowering our nation’s youth to protect themselves, educate their friends and advocate for those still trapped. 

Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime on the planet and is one challenge of this generation. This heinous crime can no longer remain in the shadows.  



Average age teen

enters sex trade

years old

 At any given moment, an estimated 40,300,000 people
are victims of exploitation and human trafficking.

(25%) are children.

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more likely

to be trafficked than

white children.


Our leaders are charged with building awareness around the issue, sharing the message with their peers and the community and are given ownership of the program.



Y4A works in schools, churches, colleges, and community groups.  Human trafficking does not discriminate and we are all vulnerable. Our biggest weapon is education. We work with both the general public and those identified as higher risk populations.


Human Trafficking is THE issue for OUR generation. Every year over 300,000 young children average age 12 are sold into sex trafficking in the US. We are the target of this hideous hidden crime and we want to end it.  We are educating ourselves, our friends and our community on the issue of Human Trafficking and specifically Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST). We teach facts and prevention, organize awareness events and make a HUGE difference in our communities and beyond towards ending this crime with OUR generation. 


Youth4Abolition was founded in 2014 as the prevention and awareness arm of On Eagles Wings (OEW), a 501c3 organization here in the Carolinas which focuses on rescue and restoration of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) victims. OEW seeks to prevent those from falling victim to sex trafficking, offer assistance to those still trapped, and restore those who have survived by offering hope, empowerment, and a brighter future.  OEW Hope House™ was the 1st CARF Certified shelter for girl-survivors of human trafficking in the US and has since served over 500 youth survivors in putting their lives back together. Over the past six years, Y4A has grown exponentially in size and impact, engaging thousands of youth in working to abolish human trafficking.


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Our powerful seven-part human trafficking curriculum is designed by award-winning educators and curriculum specialists. The Youth4Abolition℠ curriculum is eye-opening, impactful, and effective in building awareness and prevention of this horrible crime. It is engaging and empowering for all students who participate.


 A 2018 study found that peer-to-peer education creates greater confidence and independence in learning, and a deeper understanding. This reinforces the foundation that if you teach a peer a subject, your personal knowledge also grows and the message is more likely to be retained and understood.  

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.
~ Ben Franklin

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John Van Arnam

Director, Youth4Abolition

John Van Arnam joined Youth4Abolition℠ in May 2022 as Director. 

John brings 20 years of protecting children online to his work with Y4A. John is a public speaker and program trainer of internet-based prevention strategies. John works with the North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission and is a part of their Demand Reduction Task Force. A staunch opponent of Human Sex Trafficking, John looks forward to utilizing his skill set and expertise to further the goals of Y4A’s student led peer-to-peer campaign. 

John’s history in Child Advocacy dates to 2002 where he worked with the largest search engines to best protect young children from exposure to internet pornography. John is charged with growing the Y4A program and providing leadership and support to the development of statewide, national, and international Y4A chapters. 


Sophia Catan

Assistant Director, Youth4Abolition

Sophia Catan has been a dedicated member of the Youth4Abolition℠ team since 2017. 

Sophia first joined Y4A as a club member at the Nation Ford High School Y4A chapter in 2017, and became chapter president during the 2018-2019 school year. Sophia represented Youth4Abolition℠ at the 2021 JuST Conference in Washington D.C.

As Assistant Director, Sophia uses her expertise and knowledge to help start new Y4A chapters and support existing ones. 

Sophia is passionate about preventing human trafficking through education and awareness. She is currently a senior majoring in Economics at the University of South Carolina. 


Tatyana González

Coach, Youth4Abolition

Tatyana González was a 3-term President of the Youth4Abolition℠ chapter at Olympic High School in Charlotte, NC. In March of 2018, Tatyana started the school’s tremendously successful Youth4Abolition chapter in one of the largest public high schools in North Carolina. She and her team of executive student leaders’ creativity and passion brought full-scale awareness of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and prevention from the students’ perspective to the larger community, through various community and school fundraiser and awareness events. Tatyana has also interned multiple times with Youth4Abolition℠ for curriculum development, social media and marketing. Tatyana attends Furman University, in Greenville, South Carolina, as class of 2024, majoring in both Religion and Spanish, with a minor in Medicine, Health & Culture. She plans to attend Divinity school after graduating from Furman and explore careers in ministry, non-profit work, public health and education. 


Cassidi Dozier

Coach, Youth4Abolition

Cassidi Dozier is a student at the University of Denver (DU) earning a masters degree in Religious Studies with a certificate in Religion and International Affairs. She pioneered and led a Y4A chapter at her high school, Nation Ford, in 2017-2018. Since then she has continued involvement in anti-trafficking efforts by being on the executive team of Furman University’s chapter of International Justice Mission, IJM. She is excited to mentor/coach Y4A chapter leaders and looks forward to seeing how they will grow in their role as leaders and their passion to spread awareness about human trafficking.