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Olympic High School Youth4Abolition Chapter Presents Check for $700

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Published June 6, 2018

The Olympic High School Youth4Abolition™ Chapter raised awareness and funds as over 700 students attended a screening of the Anti-Human Trafficking major motion picture, “Priceless-The Movie” at their school. The students are building awareness and moving forward as a club with over 20 members, sharing the curriculum they have learned, joining forces to share the shocking statics, and bringing prevention tactics to their peers.  On May 23 2018, the club presented Cindy Quinlan, International Director for Youth4Abolition™, a check to support ongoing prevention, education, and rehabilitation efforts for $700.00!  On Eagle’s Wings and Youth4Abolition™ thanks these leaders for their efforts supporting our survivors’ transition back to a normal and loved-filled life.

Youth4Abolition™ is a peer-to-peer high school, youth group and community group based program led by students. There is a 6 part-curriculum that is taught to the volunteers who in turn lead their clubs through the learning and activities.  The chapters then go on to build awareness and fund through events to support any anti-human trafficking organization in their community of their choice.

We are proud of Olympic High School’s Youth4Abolition™ Chapter  for their efforts and look forward to great things ahead!

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