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Youth4Abolition™ Recognized by Congresswoman Alma Adams

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Published July 5, 2018

June 29th, 2018 was a great day for the Youth4Abolition™ team as Congresswoman Alma Adams recognized Y4A’s leader, Cindy Quinlan, with the One Meck Community Award. Representative Adams and her staff are aware of the challenges of human trafficking in our region, state and the nation and recognized Y4A and Cindy’s leadership in tackling this issue.

Cindy Quinlan, International Director of Youth4Abolition™ said, “On behalf of Youth4Abolition™, I am pleased to accept the ‘One Meck Community Award’ knowing that our efforts are making a difference in the community we live in. We truly believe that the youth of this generation will be the key to putting an end to human trafficking in our nation. With our young people’s leadership, and prevention and awareness taking center stage, all of our community can make a difference and put an end to modern day slavery. Thank you to Congresswoman Adams’ for shining light on the tremendous problem of Human Trafficking and helping Youth4Abolition™, and the many anti-human trafficking partners in our city and our region, bring awareness to this horrendous issue.”

Youth4Abolition™ is a generation of young people taking a stand against modern-day slavery. Youth4Abolition™ (Y4A) is a peer-to-peer Anti-Human Trafficking awareness and prevention program based in Charlotte, North Carolina, working regionally and globally. The Y4A program is an educator-devised curriculum taught peer-to-peer and designed for middle school, high school and college students.

Our unique approach uses our volunteer-trained students to lead efforts to teach their peers our six module lessons concerning all aspects of human trafficking in our city, region and around the globe. The chapters build awareness through events including community gatherings, panel discussions, movie screenings, basketball tournaments, etc.

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